Tutorial: Sandal Customise

A  quick tutorial on a really quick upstyle of some summer sandals.

I used:

A pair of plain leather sandals (mine were from here)

6 x gold coloured conical studs (found here)

Leather awl

Measure the area you want to stud and mark where you want the studs to go, it looks much better if you take time to be accurate with this stage.

Place the studs before you punch the holes to get an idea of how it will look/to see if any changes need to be made.

As you can see mine were 2 prong studs so i used the awl to punch 2 holes through the marks I had measured. Be careful to punch onto a matt or something, not through your hand.

Tightly fold back the prongs on the underside of the strap to ensure they don’t scrape or hurt your foot and you’re done!