Tutorial: Polkadot Denim

After seeing polkadot denim/chambray everywhere this summer I decided to give it a go.

I used:

A pair of  clean, dry jeans

Household bleach

Pencil with an eraser top (or round rubber stamp with similar diameter)

Plastic bags

Tailors chalk or wash off fabric marker


First step is to stuff the legs of your jeans with the plastic bags, you don’t want the bleach to steep through to the other side or onto your work surface.

Next, mark up your jeans, I marked horizontal and vertical lines approximately 1 inch apart and used this grid as a template for my stamping.

Then start dotting, dipping your eraser in bleach each time. Be careful not to spill as this will ruin your pattern.


For a stronger result I went over all the dots a second time, you don’t need to wait for it to dry fully to do this.


Leave the bleach to dry fully, remove the plastic lining and wash your jeans. (I only did the front of mine but if you want to do the back also, leave front to dry, turn over and repeat process on back before you wash them)