Tutorial: Photo Bunting

I’m always trying to find ways to display photos without turning my walls into Swiss cheese so when I found little brass eyelets in a craft shop recently I thought I’d put them to use and make some easy, and more importantly cheap, photo bunting.

What I used:


-A punch

-Eyelets (mine were 1/8″ goldey brass ones)

-Eyelet Setting Tool and mat

-Nice string or wool

I started by picking the photos and on the back measured 1/2 cm in from the sides in the top 2 corners.

Then I punched the holes where marked, just big enough to fit the eyelet through.

When placing the eyelet keep the folded (neater) side on the side you want showing.

Then I turned it around and flattened the other side with the eyelet setter to secure it.

Finally I arranged the photos in the order I wanted and strung them up with some cute bakers twine.

I’m looking forward to switching up the photos as new ones come along, so simple.