Tutorial: Dotty Belt

It’s all about the belts these days.

I spotted (excuse the pun) this belt on ASOS recently and knew it would be easy to recreate something similar.

ASOSDotty Belt

I used:

A skinny belt (came with a dress)


Nail polish

Pliars or something to flatten the studs

Hole punch (if you need to make the belt smaller)


First step is to measure your belt and figure out how many studs you want, I used 9 spaces evenly along the belt and marked with a pen.

Next, paint your studs, nail polish is perfect for this, I chose black to contrast with the light tan of the belt. Give them 2 coats for good coverage and leave to dry.


Attach your studs to the belt, neatly mine wrapped right around it.


And you’re ready to go!

Wrap-Dotty Belt