I bought this jacket for €5 at a charity sale during the summer, loved the colour but it was miles too long, so I thought I’d have a go at fixing it up.

First of all I tired it on to get an idea of how short I wanted it. A friends mum told me before never to wear a blazer longer than your wrist, throws proportions off apparently. I decided to go with hip lenght and chopped off the excess.

When it was shortened I found the straight cut on the front was too harsh/boring so I blagged it and had a go of using my french curve to get a softer look.

It was total trial and error with the curve but ended up quite nice I think. I suppose the lesson learned from this is to be as accurate as possible with measurements, eyeballing doesn’t always work, especially when working with such a simple shape and block colour.

Then all that was left to do was finish off the seams. Done.

Overall I’m pretty happy and with dark reds and burgundy being very “in” this winter I hope to get some good wears out of it.

(D.I.M stands for Did It Myself by the way, not a comment on my intelligence)