Candice Swoon

This photo of the actress Candice Bergen is so beautiful. I am obsessed with her hair!



Candice Bergen


ASOS can seem like a bit of a chore to troll through sometimes because they have SO much stuff, but these pieces really stood out.

Never heard of Baum Und Pferdgarten before but will totally keep an eye out. Love the leopard print and white stiletto styling.


1. Dress 2. Mac

3. Jacket 4. Heels

5. Two-Piece 6. Duffle Bag

Bits & Bobs

Summer time and sunshine aren’t really craft friendly, I find it far too easy to get distracted…

But here are some bits and pieces I have been working on lately.


Clockwise from top:

My Rail – I finally (with a lot of help) transformed the pipes from this post into a new clothes rail. It fits loads, I am so delighted

Baby Card

Studded Converse – Gave life to a tired old pair (same method as here)

Transparent belt – Using a strip of PVC, hardware from an unwanted belt and rivets (see here) I made this cute belt that goes with anything really

Painting – (i.e. messing)

Batty – My first attempt at puppet making as a favour for a friend

Match Up

I love when you’re looking at clothes online and you find something that you know you can recreate from a tutorial you’ve seen.

That’s what happened when I saw this skirt on ASOS. It’s a bit flashy for me but with different fabric and the help of  this tutorial from Cotton & Curls I think it could turn out really cute!



(Virgos Lounge skirt via ASOS)



(pic via


Video Tutorial: Simple Cushion Cover

A quick animated tutorial on how to make a simple cushion cover.




Tutorial: Dotty Belt

It’s all about the belts these days.

I spotted (excuse the pun) this belt on ASOS recently and knew it would be easy to recreate something similar.

ASOSDotty Belt

I used:

A skinny belt (came with a dress)


Nail polish

Pliars or something to flatten the studs

Hole punch (if you need to make the belt smaller)


First step is to measure your belt and figure out how many studs you want, I used 9 spaces evenly along the belt and marked with a pen.

Next, paint your studs, nail polish is perfect for this, I chose black to contrast with the light tan of the belt. Give them 2 coats for good coverage and leave to dry.


Attach your studs to the belt, neatly mine wrapped right around it.


And you’re ready to go!

Wrap-Dotty Belt

D.I.M. Necklace Update

Since I favour gold jewelry over silver I found I wasn’t really wearing this necklace so wanted to update.

necklace silver


Initially I decided to go neon with it so gave a few coats of neon green.

Necklace green

(necklace after 3 coats of neon)

I wasn’t happy with it as I thought the silver was still shining through too much so I took out another can of spray paint, this time matte yellow and gave it a couple of coats.

Delighted with the results, am mostly wearing it high on the neck with a buttoned up shirt. Think the yellow will be really nice for summer!

Necklace yellow

Stripes Club

Obviously obsessed with Zara right now and forever obsessed with stripes!

Some gorgeous, timeless pieces from their new collection.




1. dress, 2. jumper, 3. wedges,

4. t-shirt, 5. sneakers


Now that the evenings are getting brighter, not necessarily warmer, it’s giving time to work on bigger projects in the evening outdoors.

Here’s a pic of 2 separate ongoing projects that will hopefully help solve a storage problem.


My Proudest Moment So Far…

… has to be finishing this granny square quilt.

I don’t exactly remember how many squares I ended up with but it comfortably covers a king size bed!

It took a lot of time (and wool) but was so worth it, it’s mad warm and I know I’ll have it forever.